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Luggage That Doubles as a Transportation Device Through the Airport – Say What?!



Source: Modobag

Get to your gate with ease with this apparatus. Chicago businessman Kevin O’Donnell introduced luggage that can also act as a scooter, giving travelers the ability to ride atop their suitcases through the airport.
It’s called the Modobag and acts as both a transportation device and a carry-on. It reaches speeds up to 8 mph, powered by an electric motor.
“We’re not trying to make anyone lazy,” O’Donnell told CNN. “It’s about life efficiency.”

Source: Modobag

The bags are also considered smart luggage, providing customers with Dual 5V USB ports allowing travelers to charge their electronic devices. It also offers a GPS tracking and proximity alert if travelers choose to check their bag versus carry on.
The Modobag is available on the fundraising campaign website Indiegogo for about $1,000.
Source: YouTube/Modobag