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Best Travel Apps

Source: Google

Planning on traveling this summer? Whether you will be taking an international vacation, or exploring the USA, travel apps can make trips so much easier.

Here are our top picks for best travel apps:

Source: Roomer

Find hotel rooms at a discount using the Roomer app. It offers hotel rooms from travelers who have had to cancel their reservations. Users can snag last minute rooms at 30 to 80 percent off the regular price. Likewise, if you need to cancel a hotel room reservation you can sell your pre-paid reservation on the app so you don’t lose all your money!


If you are traveling to a destination you have never been to before, let Journy provide you with customized tips on where to stay, eat,and visit. It’s like having your own personal concierge. Fees start at $15 per day, but the app will provide you with a complete itinerary for your vacation and repeat customers can sign up for a flat-rate package.

Google Trips
Source: GoogleTrips

Google’s new travel app is perfect for Google customers who use a gmail account. The app pulls flight, or hotel booking details from your gmail account and sets to work creating a custom travel portfolio that will offer you tips on dining, special events and activities based on your likes and dislikes.


This travel app scours over 700 websites for up to date deals on airfares and hotels, so you can find the best deal before you book.

XE Currency App

Traveling internationally? This easy to use app lets you input any dollar amount and convert it to the foreign currency you will be using. It also offers money transfers and information on foreign currency markets.

Google Translate
Source: Google

Nothing like embarrassing yourself by saying something completely off-the-mark in a foreign language. Google translate will help you avoid any potential pitfalls by generating a written translation for anything you speak, or type on your screen. If currently offers off-line capabilities for 50 languages.

Source: WhatsApp

WhatsApp makes keeping in contact with friends and family via message and video chat very easy – especially if you are traveling internationally. The text, voice and video calls use your phone’s internet connection, rather than racking up expensive roaming fees. You can even create groups of people – family, friends, work etc – to keep in contact with. Family members will love receiving photos and videos of your trip via the Whatsapp messaging feature and WhatsApp can be accessed via desktop mode as well. Traveling for work? WhatsApp will let you share documents such as PDF files up to 100 MB.


Planning on primarily using your smartphone for taking pictures of your trip? Chatbooks is the easy, no hassle way to create photo books from your phone’s photo reel. Each book costs $8 and consists of 60 pictures. You can add in typed descriptions and headings and upgrade to a hardcover book if you so desire. The app is extremely easy to use and each photo is given its own page. You can even order additional copies to give out to family members and friends.

Flight Stats

This app lets users plug in their flight number to find out gate, terminal and delay information. It even shows flight paths and can look up which airlines fly out of specific airports. Plus frequent fliers will find information on which airline racks up the most on-time flight useful.

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Bon Voyaged provides our community with the latest trending travel entertainment news and insight on the best destinations to visit around the world.
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