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An Australian Town Will Pay You $13,0000 to Move There



Source: Pinterest
One town in Australia hopes to lure people to move there by paying them approximately $13,000 – but there’s a catch!
According to LoveMoney, the small Australian Outback town of Quilpie is currently home to around 800 residents, but the town’s council is hoping to increase those numbers by giving people enough money to buy a plot of land in the former mining town.
However, there are a few stipulations new landowners must adhere to.
LoveMoney reports that those who accept the $13k to relocate to Quilpie must be new homeowners, promise to build a property worth less than $501,000, and commit to living in the town for at least six months.
So far, the incentive is working. LoveMoney reports the scheme has attracted national and international attention, with more than 250 inquiries coming from as far afield as India and Hong Kong.