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Shonda Rhimes’ Top Travel Tips



Source: Getty Images

As one of the country’s most successful television producers, writer and author Shonda Rhimes not only has to travel for work – but also makes it her mission to fit in family fun travel.
The Grey’s Anatomy creator spoke to Travel+Leisure about her top travel tips, including how she treated the cast and crew of Grey’s Anatomy in celebration of the show’s 350th episode.

Clorox Wipes – Rhimes told Travel+Leisure she always packs Clorox wipes whenever she flies and makes it a point to wipe down the whole seat once she boards the plane.

Organization – Rhimes is big on vacation planning, telling Travel+Leisure, “Once I arrived in Rome and discovered that Galleria Borghese, the museum that holds all the Bernini statues, was closed. That was all I wanted to see!” Since then Rhimes makes it a point to plan, except if she is going someplace beachy so she can force herself to relax.

Her Favorite Type of Travel – Rhimes shared her favorite type of vacation is one with the whole family. “I have five brothers and sisters,” the author told Travel+Leisure. “We try together as many of us and our kids as we can. Last summer, we went to Montana. All the kids rode horses and go-karts. We went on long hikes. But mostly we sat around and caught up.”

For the 350th episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Rhimes revealed she treated the cast of crew of the hit show to a vacation at any AMResorts property so they could spend time with their families. “They have resorts in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Spain, so everybody could pick the vacation they wanted,” Rhimes told Travel+Leisure. “I’m hoping to check out one of the brand’s Zoëtry resorts – they look so serene. To relax and be away from the world seems kind of perfect.”