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Easiest Ways to Maximize Space In Your Suitcase

Check out these travel hacks that will allow you to pack more items in less space. Want to avoid an extra baggage fee? Check out these packing techniques that will save you space. Hint…It’s all in the folding!

Roll vs. Fold

It’s time to rethink how we pack our luggage. Traditional ways of folding create too much bulk. Try rolling your clothes and placing them into your suitcase. Not only does this maximize space, it saves your clothes from those dreadful wrinkles.

Fold Items Inside Out

Fold your jackets inside out before packing them, also eliminating the possibility of wrinkles.

Shoes As Storage

Utilize your shoes as storage spaces. Roll your socks and underwear inside your shoes, leaving room in your luggage for other items.

Vacuum Seal Bags

A sure way to make sure you fit everything you need if you just can’t get a handle on folding is to use vacuum-seal storage bags. You can stuff these bags to the brim and vacuum out excess air, making it compact enough to fit into your luggage. Just beware when using vacuum bags that you check your weight limit!

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