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The Top Ten Busiest Beaches in America Revealed



Source: iStock via Getty Images
If your ideal beach vacation doesn’t include battling crowds for that premium spot on the sand, the team at Florida Panhandle has compiled a list of the busiest beaches in America you may want to avoid!
According to USA Today, the Florida-based vacation rental company analyzed 450 of the most popular beaches in America to find out which ten received the most reviews mentioning how “busy” they were.
The Hawaiian tourist mecca of Waikiki Beach came in first place, followed by Holmes Beach on Florida’s Anna Maria Island, and Golden Gardens Park in Washington.
“In the heart of summer, America’s top beaches become bustling hubs of activity, promoting tourism from both far and wide,” David Angotti, CEO of Florida Panhandle, told USA Today.
“Despite Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach receiving the most ‘busy’ complaints, avid beachgoers aren’t put off. The coastal hit continues to bring in over four million visitors each year and shows no sign of slowing down. And who can blame them?”
According to Florida Panhandle’s research, these are the top ten busiest beaches in the USA:
1. Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 2. Manatee Public Beach, Holmes Beach, Florida 3. Golden Gardens Park, Washington 4. Main Beach, California 5. Arroyo Burro County Beach Park, California 6. Mission Beach, California 7. Magic Sands, Hawaii 8. Moonlight State Beach, California 9. Silver Beach County Park, Michigan 10. Clearwater Beach, Florida