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These are the Top Three Destinations for Adventure Travel



Source: Getty Images

Thrill-seekers looking for the perfect destination to embark on adventure travel can thank Superdry for narrowing down the top global destinations.

According to Travel Daily News, Superdry analyzed 99 countries on several adventure travel factors, including the amount of surfing, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, camping, and the number of national parks per square mile. Superdry then awarded each country an “Outdoor Adventure” score to determine which countries came out tops.

Travel Daily News reports Croatia, Israel, and Hong Kong nabbed the top three spots.

According to Superdry’s findings, Croatia is the best place in the world for outdoor adventure travel, with a total score of 81.6, thanks in part to its plethora of rock climbing routes that suit climbers of all abilities.

These are the top ten countries in the world for outdoor adventure:

1. Croatia, Europe – 81.6
2. Israel, Middle East – 80.6
3. Hong Kong, Asia – 78.7
4. United Kingdom, Europe – 78.3
5. Singapore, Asia – 77.6
6. Costa Rica, Central America – 76.6
7. Switzerland, Europe – 73.7
8. Austria, Europe – 73.3
9. Germany, Europe – 73.3
10. Ireland, Europe – 73.3