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Tips for Flying With Your Favorite Pet



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Traveling with a pet can be stressful, both for your pet and for you, but with a couple of tips traveling with your favorite pooch, or kitty can be a relatively stress free adventure.
Make a Vet Appointment

Your vet will want to check and make sure your pet is in good health to fly. If your pet is going in the cargo hold most airlines will want a health certificate from your vet no more than 10 days prior to departure so you may want to have a preliminary visit with your vet before you book the flight and then a secondary appointment closer to travel.

Get Your Pet Acclimated to a Kennel/Crate
If your pet is already used to being crated this shouldn’t be a problem, but if your animal is used to roaming free you will want to prep them prior to travel and get your pet used to being crated. Purchase the crate you plan to travel with in advance and put her bed and toys inside in the weeks leading up to your flight. You can also feed your animal, or give your animal treats in the crate to let them know it’s their safe place to hang out and rest. Make sure on travel day you keep the same blanket your pet has been used to sleeping on in the crate.

Check Your Airline’s Pet Restrictions

Some airlines prohibit certain breeds from traveling, in particular breeds with short-noses such as Boston Terriers and Pugs.

Book in Advance

Some airlines only allow a certain amount of pets on any one flight and this is especially true when flying international. Make sure you book your ticket well in advance to ensure your pet gets a ticket.

Take a Potty Break Prior to Airport Arrival
While most airports now offer pet potty areas, it’s best to make a pit-stop prior to arriving at the airport. Pack some puppy pads to have on hand in case your pet decides he doesn’t want to go at the airport pet potty area!

Ask to Board Early

Traveling can be overwhelming for your pet, but boarding early can allow the animal the chance to get situated and calm before everyone boards the plane.

Pack a Chew Toy

Just as with humans, animals ears can hurt during take-off and landing so pack a couple of chew toys for your pet to help alleviate this.