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The Happiest Towns in America – Did Yours Make the List?



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If living in a happy town is on your radar, Outside has researched the top happiest towns in America.
“I love it when The World Happiness Report comes out with its happiest countries in the world each year,” says Outside’s Travel Director Mary Turner. “So we thought: why not apply that lens to our Best Towns package in the U.S.?”
So, for 2023’s ‘Best Town’ franchise, Outside decided to focus on finding the country’s happiest town by looking at criteria such as ample outdoor access, affordability, diversity, a safe environment, and freedom for residents to be who they are. Outside whittled a preliminary list of 300 contenders down to 15 winners. Did your town make the list?
According to Outside, these are America’s happiest towns:
Anchorage, Alaska
Charlottesville, Virginia
Cincinnati, Ohio
Frederick, Maryland
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Hood River, Oregon
Madison, Wisconsin
Minneapolis, Minnesota
New Orleans, Louisiana
Plano, Texas
Reno, Nevada
St. Petersburg, Florida
Tacoma, Washington
Wilmington, Delaware