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Take a ‘Happy’ Vacation This Year



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Looking to vacation in a happy place? The United Nations have compiled their annual list of the happiest countries in the world and if you’re looking to vacation in Merry Old England, or the Happy USA you may be out of luck.
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Sadly, for the Brits and the Americans, the UK and the USA did not make the list, but once again Scandinavian countries were noted for their happy way of life with Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark all making the cut. Denmark – noted for its free healthcare, undergrad education and year-long maternity leave came in at number one.
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And if traveling down under is on your bucket list of must see countries, you’ll be pleased to know both Australia and New Zealand made the list.

If flying transatlantic isn’t within the budget, just hop over the border to our northern neighbor Canada. It came in at number 6 thanks in part to its great education system.

The Top Ten Happiest Places list is as follows – and it gives tourists a good range of happy places to visit:

10 – Sweden
9 – Australia
8 – New Zealand
7 – The Netherlands
6 – Canada
5 – Finland
4 – Norway
3 – Iceland
2 – Switzerland
1 – Sweden