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Ride the Roller Coaster That Passes Through Two States!



Source: Carowinds

Visitors to South Carolina’s Carowinds Theme Park have the opportunity to ride a plethora of roller coasters, including two of the ten tallest coasters in the world, but none is as unique as the Fury 325.

Fury 325 is North America’s longest steel coaster and is over 1.25 miles long. Not only does it reach a height of 325 feet, but the 3 minute 25-second ride actually takes riders back and forth across the South Carolina and North Carolina state line all while reaching speeds of up to 95 mph.
Thrill-seekers on the Fury 325 experience one massive 81-degree drop, several big drops, and multiple super-tight turns while riding the coaster.
Not a huge coaster fan? Carowinds offers much more, including live entertainment, delicious foods, and immersive events. Little ones will adore the Camp Snoopy area and the more mature guests will enjoy strolling through the park’s Blue Ridge Junction area. Best of all, each admission comes with access to the Carolina Harbor Waterpark.