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Float Down This Natural Lazy River in the Hawaiian Rainforest



Source: Getty Images

If you thought the lazy river at your local waterpark was neat, travel to Hawaii and have your mind blown.

The Hawaiian island of Kauai contains a natural waterway through the rainforest, offering an activity which the natives call “mountain tubing.” It’s a 2.5-mile journey, lasting about three hours and contains areas of faster rapids and areas of dark tunnels to pass under – a true adventure!
Source: Google

The waterway was created 150 years ago as an irrigation canal, and today is one of Kauai’s main attractions. It offers spectacular views and a current strong enough you never have to paddle!
Source: Google

A ticket for this adventure will cost you $106 per person. With the purchase of a ticket, you are provided a headlamp, gloves, lunch and your own tube.

Source: YouTube/Kauai Backcountry Adventures