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Intrepid Tourists Will Soon Be Able to Dive to the Titanic



Source: OceanGate

Intrepid tourists with a penchant for history, a love of diving and a buoyant bank account may soon be able to dive to the Titanic as early as next year.
The ill-fated vessel has spent more than a hundred years at the bottom of the Atlantic, but thanks to two different luxury tour operators – Blue Marble Private and The Bluefish – tourists will be able to tour the wreckage in 2019, according to Travel + Leisure.
Blue Marble Private will be collaborating with OceanGate Expeditions to take divers down to the Titanic. Each ‘Explorer’ will participate in an 11-day research mission helping scientists navigate, log data and operate sonar. According to Travel + Leisure, despite the $105,129 price, tag the first tour is already sold out.

Coming in at a lesser price of $59,680, The Bluefish trip will depart from Newfoundland on a 13 day trip that will allow tourists to enjoy six days of diving the wreckage in submersibles.

Travel + Leisure are warning diving tours of the Titanic are likely a short-term vacation option with scientists revealing the wreck could disappear completely within 20 years, thanks to microbes on the ship that are eating away at the metal hull.