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Man’s Lack of Airplane Bathroom Breaks Baffles Researchers



Source: Quantas

A man traveling from Perth, Australia to London, U.K. without taking one bathroom break during to the 17-hour-long flight, has baffled researchers according to the Independent.
The Qantas flight, which is one of the longest nonstop routes in the world at 17 hours, normally sees passengers leave their seats to use the restroom numerous times during the flight. However, this particular passenger didn’t leave his seat once – not to stretch his legs, use the bathroom, or rummage for items in the overhead bins.
The University of Sydney, who are studying passenger comfort on long-haul flights in collaboration with Qantas, were baffled by the man’s ability to hold his bladder for such a long time and stay seated for the whole flight. Volunteers flying with Qantas on their long-haul flights are fitted out with monitors on their wrists and thighs which monitor their anxiety levels, sleep patterns, ability to recover from jet-lag and of course their bathroom breaks.

Researchers, who say the man flew business class, say it is possible his wider, comfier seat made it possible for him to relax and sleep during the flight. They also say it’s unclear how much the passenger had to eat, or drink.