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Celebrity Trainer Reveals Ariana Grande’s Tips for Staying Fit While Traveling



Source: Instagram

When you’re constantly traveling around the globe it can be hard to eat right and exercise, but celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak has revealed his top tips for keeping busy globetrotters fit and healthy.

Travel & Leisure caught up with the trainer at an airport in Hong Kong, where he revealed the six tips he has taught one of his celebrity clients, Ariana Grande, to implement when traveling:

Holidays…..Shmolidays!! Gotta keep moving!!!! How active are you?

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Get Your Steps In – Ariana, who has been on a world tour, knows to get her steps in daily. Pasternak told Travel & Leisure that even though the World Health Organization says you should aim for 10,000 steps a day, he says try and get around 12,000 steps in.

Get Some Sleep – “Sleep is really, really important,” Pasternak told the mag. Even if you’re struggling with jet lag you still need to stay on top of your sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to unhealthy food cravings.

Take a Tech Break – “You need to unplug from technology for at least an hour a day,” Pasternak told Travel & Leisure. “Removing yourself from technology for even an hour will do wonders for your mental health.”

My lunch at least three days a week. #japanesefood #mingei

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Think About What You’re Eating – “There’s no point in spending all those hours burning calories just to replace them with bad ones,” Pasternak said. “I think [Ariana’s] always had a healthy diet, but what I’ve gotten her to do more now is to create balance and moderation.”
Push Yourself Within Reason – Pasternak told Travel & Leisure we should aim to “challenge your muscles, ideally for at least five minutes a day, by pulling or lifting something heavy.” When on the road it’s important to work with what you have, which can be a simple as doing cardio in your hotel room, or a nearby park, and incorporating lunges and jogging.

Pack Comfy Clothes – “When you’re wearing something comfortable, you’re more likely to move,” Pasternak told Travel & Leisure. “If you’re wearing comfortable shoes your feet are happy and that will maybe get you to take the stairs rather than the elevator, or it may result in you walking those extra blocks instead of taking a cab. Sightseeing is the best workout when traveling.”