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Kourtney Kardashian Reveals her Must-Have Carry On Essentials



Source: X17online

When you’re an international jet-setter like Kourtney Kardashian you know a thing or two about what to pack. Just in time for the busy holiday travel season, Kourtney has offered up some tips on how you can be ready to pack like a pro.

In a post on her website,, the eldest Kardashian sister has revealed her “20 items I always pack in my carry-on” – including a tip sister Kim gave her.

“Kim taught me years ago, back when our lives became busier, to always keep toiletry bags packed so I’m ready for last minute trips,” the reality star shared. “For things I use day-to-day I keep duplicates, so my travel sets stay complete and aren’t missing anything.”

As a busy mom-of-three Kourtney revealed, “The less time I have to waste on tedious tasks like unpacking and repacking, the more time I have to live my life the way I want to.”

So what does Kourtney always have ready to go in her carry-on? The usual make-up, including little sis Kylie’s lip-liner, NARS concealer and Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, along with her favorite brand of powder and foundation. She also carries vitamin c tablets, facial oil and Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour cream.

Renowned for her passion for natural products, Kourtney carries Jason Natural toothpaste, Honest Company hand sanitizer and Natracare Organic tampons. And when you’re a reality TV goddess you wouldn’t want to leave home without your phone charger and earbuds!