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Must Have In-Flight Beauty Items



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Airplane travel can take a toll on your skin thanks to the cabin pressure and a reduction in humidity leaving skin dry and taut. Add to that the tiny bathroom, which to be honest can look and smell a little worse for wear after a long-haul flight, and you’ve got less than perfect conditions to emerge looking refreshed and gorgeous at your final destination.
To make packing your carry-on a breeze here’s a list of ‘must have’ beauty items. Just remember TSA rules limit carry-on liquids to a 3-1-1 rule: All liquids must be in a resealable container that is 3.4 ounces or less and all containers must fit inside 1 clear, plastic 1-quart size bag.

💙ENGLISH💙 Thought about you guys when I was flying to Brazil and prepared some posts 😍 ✈WHAT TO DO TO ARRIVE AT YOUR DESTINATION WITH YOUR FACE MUCH MORE RELAXED✈ I've always travelled a lot when I was modelling and this ritual makes a huge difference: 1⃣ Take off your makeup. Your skin will definitely look less tired. In the airplane,nothing better than wet wipes makeup remover and the best ones are NEUTROGENA DEEP CLEAN Refreshing Oil Free Wipes,the blue ones. I've forgotten my Thermal Water spray,but after removing the makeup and dirt with the wipes,spray the water and remove the rest of the residues with a dry tissue. 2⃣ Apply a gel or anti-puffiness cream for the eye contour area. Probably you won't have the most relaxing night,so this will help your eyes look less tired when you arrive at your destination. My favorite is SENSIBIO EYE from BIODERMA. It's specially formulated for sensitive and intolerant skin,just excellent. 3⃣ Use a super hydrating mask (soothing as well if possible) instead of a normal moisturizer. Because airplane air is extremely dry,this will help your skin to keep its moisture and to relax the lines at the same time. My favorite is AVENE SOOTHING MOISTURE MASK made with thermal water,for sensitive skin. Love it. 4⃣ At last apply a super concentrated lip balm (my lips get ultra dry in an airplane). My number one is from the brand QV,Australian (but I bought it in Dubai so it's sold in other countries). It's a special line for eczema so it's extremely hydrating,protecting and healing,also SPF 30. But I guess Bepanthol would be helpful as well if you can't find this one. Have a nice trip! 😊✈💋💋

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Hydration Spray – Keep skin hydrated and refreshed by packing a small Hydration Spray in your carry-on.
Moisturizer – Cabin pressure causes skin to dry out. Make sure to apply a good moisturizer every four hours during your flight to help combat dryness. Choose a tinted moisturizer if you want to forego foundation before arriving at your destination.

Eye Drops – Once again that dry cabin pressure can cause eye redness and dryness, so bring along a bottle of eye drops to help lubricate your baby blues, especially if you are flying on a long-haul flight.
Makeup Remover Wipes – Traveling long-haul? You will want to remove your make-up once onboard your flight to give your skin chance to breathe. Make-up remover wipes are perfect to bring along and can even double-up as hand wipes.

Deodorant – Because really – wants to sit next to a smelly passenger?!
Lip Balm – Thanks once again to that cabin pressure the delicate skin on our lips can take a beating. Make sure to pack a good lip balm and apply periodically during the flight.

Mini-Toothbrush – If the thought of brushing your teeth in a small smelly airplane toilet leaves you feeling slightly nauseous you may want to consider packing a mini disposable toothbrush. We like Colgate Wisps for their minty freshness that helps combat bad breath too.
Hand Cream – Protect hands and cuticles with a rich hand cream – especially important if you have been using a lot of hand sanitizer during your travels.
Refillable Water Bottle – Drinking lots of water during your flight will help combat the drying effects of cabin air. Bring along an empty refillable water bottle and once through security fill it up at a water fountain. It’s less expensive than dishing out a week’s wages for a bottle of water once inside the airport!
Toilet Seat Covers, or Antibacterial Wipes – Your rear-end will thank you should you have to use the plane toilet towards the end of your flight!