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Do You Have the Personality Trait of an Ideal Travel Companion?



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Some people are great to travel with – and some people, not so much – so do you have the one personality trait that makes a great travel companion?
According to Travel+Leisure, a new study from Curio Collection by Hilton found that curiosity is the one personality trait travelers look for when teaming up with a travel buddy.

Sixty-four percent of those surveyed named curiosity as the top trait they look for, but study participants also revealed how curiosity is the one trait they themselves have that spurs them to check out new places across the globe. A whopping 91 percent of those surveyed described themselves as curious, with 60 percent saying they are more curious than the average person.
According to Travel+Leisure, 55 percent of those surveyed said they prefer to explore on their vacation, rather than lounge by the pool and relax and 57 percent revealed a wish to explore more things that pique their curiosity such as “visiting ancient ruins, eating dinner at a well-regarded restaurant, or experiencing a safari.”