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Create an At-Home Vacation Retreat With These Top Tips

Source: Free Pik

Interior designer and author Vern Yip has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to creating a vacation-like retreat in his own home – and he’s willing to share so that you can transform your humble abode into a five-star retreat.

Vern sat down with Woman’s Day to offer his top tips for creating the perfect vacation spot at home, telling the mag, “My goal is to get you through your front door and feel relaxed and replenished, just like how you feel on vacation.”

Create Vacation Memories – Vern recommends filling your home with scents and sounds that remind you of a favorite vacation. You can do this through the use of a wireless speaker and fragrance diffuser.

Change Up The Scenery – Vern told Woman’s Day it’s easy to change up the scenery inside your home by using a large piece of landscape art that can serve as a new view.

Find Good Linens – recreate the feel of a five-star resort by investing in bed sheets that will feel good against your skin.

Streamline Your Entryway – Vern told Woman’s Day it’s a good idea to clear clutter from your entryway, telling the mag, “Think of the lack of clutter in a beautiful hotel lobby. Find hidden organizers for stacks of mail and shoes so you’re not greeted by a mess every day.”

Finally, Vern told Woman’s Day it’s important to surround yourself with items in the home that bring joy and evoke positive memories.

“You can pick up anything in my house and I can tell you why it’s meaningful,” Vern revealed.

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