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Toddler Travel Must-Haves



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Holiday season is here and that means traveling to visit family and friends. Whether you’re facing the prospect of hours spent in an airport, or car – traveling with toddlers can bring out the Scrooge in anyone. Making sure you are well equipped will make your toddler travel experience much less daunting.

The Right Diaper Bag
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You actually don’t need a traditional diaper bag, but travel experts suggest using a backpack to make dashing through the airport much easier. Wrangling a squirmy toddler whilst keeping a diaper bag on your shoulder is tough under the best of circumstances, let alone a busy, noisy airport, or bustling hotel. Stick on a backpack so you have both hands free to hoist that unruly travel companion up from the floor. You can use any backpack, but we like this diaper bag backpack from Ju Ju Be. The Be Right Back has insulated bottle pockets, a large changing pad, plenty of pockets, is machine washable and ergonomically designed to make it super comfortable.

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Loaded up with your toddler’s favorite shows, or games, a tablet will help keep them entertained during the trip. The Kids Kindle Edition Fire Tablet from Amazon comes packed in a kid-proof case that carries a 2 year worry-free guarantee should anything happen to the device. It’s also a full-featured tablet, meaning you will still be using it long past the toddler stage. It includes a full year of Amazon Free-Time Unlimited with over 10,000 kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps and games. Plus your toddler is sure to love the bright color choices available.

Change of Clothes
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Accidents happen, so be prepared with a change of clothes. To make life easier sort out complete outfits for the trip and stash them in individual ziplock bags. A washable wet bag, like this one from Planet Wise, will stash those soiled clothes safely until you can get to a washing machine.

Favorite Stuffy
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Whether it’s a stuffed animal, plastic toy, or fuzzy blanket, remember to pack your toddler’s favorite stuffy. In the midst of one of those infamous toddler meltdowns sometimes all they need is their favorite soothing toy from home.

Compact Travel Stroller
Source: Maclaren

While it may be nice having all the bells and whistles, a full size stroller can be a nightmare to travel with. Instead invest in a compact stroller, like this one from Maclaren. The Globetrotter stroller is super lightweight, has a reclining seat, comes with a rain cover and is suitable from six-months up to 55 lbs, meaning you will get years of use from this umbrella stroller. It also comes with a convenient carry strap and has a compact fold.

Other Miscellaneous Items

First aid kit, small towel, wipes, plenty of diapers (in case of travel delay), snacks and most of all, don’t forget to pack your sense of humor!