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Carry-On Travel Must-Haves



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Planning to travel this holiday season? Prepare for the unexpected with these carry-on travel essentials.

Travel Document Holder
Source: LLBean

Traveling is so much easier when you’re organized. Keep all travel documents together – boarding pass, hotel confirmation, rental car booking, passport, drivers license etc, in a travel document holder. We like this one from L.L. Bean, with plenty of room for documents, passport and credit cards.

Change of Clothes
Source: Travmonkey

If you’ve ever reached your destination, only to find your suitcase never made it, you’ll appreciate having a change of clothes – and clean undies!

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Purchasing snacks at the airport can be pricey, so throw in little bags of nuts, crackers, or an energy bar. Frequent travelers also recommend bringing a couple of the small fruit and veggie smoothie pouches they sell for children – they’re full of vitamins and can give you a boost when travel delays make you hangry.

Small First Aid Kit
Source: Backpacker

Packed with band-aids, a pain reliever and travel sickness medication, a first aid kit may be just what the doctor ordered. Tailor one suitable for your needs by shopping the travel sized section at your local pharmacy.

Travel Sized Toiletries
Source: Pinterest

Be a considerate travel companion and banish those smells with a mini deodorant and travel sized toothpaste. Throw in a package of baby wipes – they’re great for taking off make-up, or finding yourself in the teeny plane lavatory with no toilet paper. Remember plane air can dry out skin, so remember to pack face lotion, eye drops and lip balm.

Cozy Socks
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Planes can get downright chilly. Pack a pair of cozy socks and keep those toes warm.

Kindle or Tablet
Source: Amazon

Lugging around heavy books can really weigh down your carry-on. Load a variety of reading material onto a Kindle, or Tablet and leave the cumbersome books at home.

Eye-mask and Earplugs
Source: Amazon

A must have for a long-haul flight. It’s hard enough sleeping on a plane, but blocking out light and sounds will certainly help you catch a few important z’s.

Portable Charger
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Losing cell-phone power can be more than a drag, it can be an outright inconvenience. Pack a portable charger so you know you are able to charge up if needed.