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Delta Unveils New Luggage Tracking Technology



Source: Delta

Delta has unveiled a new $50 million dollar system to help combat the headache of lost luggage.

The system involves new luggage tags that have an RFID chip embedded in them. As the luggage moves through the system and on to the plane, the tag is continuously scanned. Delta says this will give flyers real-time tracking of their bags, which they can then track with cell-phone alerts, or view on a map via Delta’s mobile app.
Source: Google

In a news release, Delta’s senior vice-president of airline operations and airport customer service, Bill Lentsch, said, “From the moment our customers drop off their bag, we want them to know we’re looking out for it every step of the way and working to take the stress out of flying one innovation at a time.”

The International Air Transport Association released a report earlier this month saying the global airline industry could save up to $3 billion if RFID technology use was universal.