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30-Year-Old Bottle of Irish Whiskey Sells for $2.8 Million



Source: PR Handout via Irish Sun
A 30-year-old bottle of Irish whiskey has sold for a record-breaking $2.8 million, making it the most expensive ever sold.
According to WFLA, the rare bottle of The Emerald Isle whiskey was auctioned to Mike Daley, one of the world’s most prolific whiskey collectors.
The bottle of booze is the “rarest triple-distilled single malt in existence,” according to the Craft Irish Whiskey Co., which produced only seven bottles and encased each in a designer box as unique and exorbitant as the spirit itself.
WLFA reports the bottle comes with a decanter, a bespoke Fabergé egg containing an emerald gem, a custom timepiece, and a pair of Cohiba cigars, all contained within a custom walnut case.
“The rebirth of Irish whiskey is relatively new, so I feel like I’m getting in on the ground floor,” Daley said in a statement reported by WFLA. “Luxury scotch, to me, is already a crowded type of market. But we’re only just starting to see luxury Irish make a name for itself. I guarantee you that in the years to come, it will get to where scotch is today.”