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Why Only the Best Water Fountains Will Do for Paris Residents

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Paris – it’s the city known for its stunning architecture, elegant fashion, cutting edge style and fabulous food. So it’s no surprise that not any old water will do for Parisienne’s who expect only the best.

That's right. They have sparkling water fountains here. #Paris #sparklingwaterfountain

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The city is installing water fountains around Paris that serve sparkling water on demand – none of the boring old still water we normally drink from fountains.

#sparklingwaterfountain J'adore. Merci Paris.

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The sparkling water fountains draw still water from the city’s main water line, but a CO2 carbonator adds bubbles when the water reaches a temp of 44 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps the water retain a fresh flavor according to Condé Nast Traveler.

Point d'eau potable #paris #eaupotable #fontaine #eaupetillante

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Paris started implementing sparkling water fountains, or as they’re known in France fontaine pétillante back in 2010, but they recently expanded the project with CityLab revealing the city hopes to have one in each of Paris’ 20 arrondissements pretty soon!


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