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Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant to Open in Norway



Source: Snorhetta

Europe is about to get its first underwater restaurant on Norway’s southern coast.
Appropriately named ‘Under,’ the restaurant will descend some 16 feet under the frigid Norway seas and give hungry customers a 36-foot wide floor-to-ceiling acrylic window where diners can view various sea creatures through the 3-feet thick viewing panel.

The restaurant, which has yet to announce an opening date, will also operate as a marine research center where the concrete exterior will act as an artificial mussel reef.

The whole structure of Under will be built on the rocky Norwegian coastline and dip down into the sea, allowing guests to enter at the rockpool entrance before descending beneath the waves.

Designed by architecture firm Snørhetta, Under will seat up to 100 lucky diners at a time to enable everyone to get a good view.