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‘Below Deck’ star Aesha Scott reveals tips for traveling her native New Zealand



Its hard to keep up with TV personality Aesha Scott. The New Zealand native is a self-proclaimed “nomad” who travels the world on the yachts she works on.
But the “Below Deck: Mediterranean” and “Below Deck: Down Under” star will soon be returning to her “favorite place in the world,” her hometown of Tauranga, New Zealand, for the holidays.
In an interview first published by Bon Voyaged, Scott opens up about her on-the-go lifestyle and shares tips for traveling New Zealand and experiencing all the outdoor activities and cuisines it has to offer.
“Lately Ive been in a different city every week and I absolutely love it. I thrive off change, so I dont have any residence or set address,” Scott told Bon Voyaged.
“However, I am flying back to my hometown this week in New Zealand and will be there for a couple of months. It will be so nice enjoying a more relaxed time with my family and friends over Christmas.”
The media personality says growing up in New Zealand made her a “very social and outdoorsy person.” Crediting the countrys long stretches of beach and “mild, beautiful weather,” Scott says theres no shortage of activities people from all parts of the world can enjoy year-round.
Of course, one of Scotts favorite things to do is head to the beach, and she highlights Mount Maunganui, a suburb of the Tauranga metropolitan area, as a must-see. After all, its the beach she was raised on.
“It is just unbeatable in its beauty, especially looking down from on top of the Mount. I also love Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel and a great hidden gem is a walk to Homunga Bay near Waihi.
“The beaches in New Zealand are all very wide and long and protected. You cant build cafes and restaurants on them so they stay very raw and rugged,” Scott told the outlet.
For those who like to explore the great outdoors, Scott suggests completing a hike at Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the North Island.
“Its a 4-8 hour hike that goes up and over Mount Tongariro volcano with other volcanoes right next to you. It looks as though you are walking through Mars but with tropical looking lakes dotted along. It would have to be one of the best day hikes in the world!” Scott says.
Another site at the top of her list of things to do and see in New Zealand is paying a visit to the Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata, where “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” trilogies were filmed.
“You can also go to some very cool Maori village cultural experiences and enjoy native styles of dance and cooking,” the yoga enthusiast says.
“I personally love going right up north to Cape Reinga and seeing the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean meet.”
Scott says the Māori, known as the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand, believe thats where spirits leave the country when they die.
“And for someone who isnt spiritual, I can definitely say it has a heavy energy up there,” Scott adds.
The “Below Deck: Down Under” season 1 chief stew also implores travelers to head down south where more adventures await.
“People definitely need to get down south and see the South Island! Queenstown and the surrounding fjords are absolutely stunning,” the reality star said.
Scott recommends boarding a helicopter out of Queenstown to Earnslaw Burn, a private spot with cascading waterfalls. She calls it “the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.”
But whats a vacation without good eats? Scott said those planning trips to anywhere in New Zealand will be able to try “the absolute best version of every cuisine in the world.”
Scott describes Turkish kebabs in her home country as “much nicer than the ones in Turkey,” and adds that the Indian and Thai curries are “outrageously delicious.”
Theres also a strong café culture featuring “endless savory scones and sweet slices that leave the mouth watering,” she says.
And for seafood lovers, Scott points out the sushi in New Zealand as “very Western.”
“Teriyaki chicken would be the most popular over fish, which I much prefer as someone who veers away from raw fish,” Scott says. “Im always excited to go home and eat!”
On Monday, November 28, Scott documented her travels back home on her Instagram, where she boasts 531,000 followers.
“28 hrs of travel to come (inc. layovers), on my way home!!!!! I cannot cannot WAAAAAAAAIT,” she wrote on her Instagram Story.
The star will also soon return to season 2 of “Below Deck: Down Under.” She was approached by the Bravo network to star on the show after working on yachts alongside her sister for five years.
“Its been amazing having it all documented!” Scott says of her time on the Bravo series. “Its so hard to explain to people back home what yachting is actually like, so its so great having the show to just say, Ok, watch that. Thats what its like.