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Canadian Hotel Offering Valentine’s Day Baby-Making Promo



Source: OJO Images

Forget the flowers and the chocolates! This Valentine’s Day a Canadian hotel is offering lovebirds a ‘Baby Maker Nooner’ – and if they’re successful at procreation they’ll win free Valentine’s Day stays at the hotel for the next 18 years.

According to Insider, Hotel Zed is inviting couples to spend four hours in the chain’s Victoria or Kelowna locations on February 14th, at a cost of $59 CAD.
Should they add a member to their family 9 months later they will be able to return for a free stay at Hotel Zed each Valentine’s Day through the child’s 18th birthday!

Insider reports couples who welcome a baby via surrogate, or adoption won’t be excluded, with the hotel saying, “the stork can take many routes to bring a baby into your family.”

“I don’t think we’re going to convince someone who’s not thinking about having a baby to have a baby,” Hotel Zed’s CEO Mandy Farmer told CNN. “But if you’re serious about expanding your family, why wouldn’t you try? If you succeed, you’ll win a way to celebrate your baby’s conception for the next 18 years.”