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“Angry Badger” Causes Historic Scottish Castle to Close to Tourists



Source: Craignethan Castle

Tourists visiting the historic Scottish Craignethan Castle may find parts of the castle closed thanks to a menacing intruder.

Craignethan Castle, which dates back to the 16th century and survived various wars and attacks has now been usurped by a “very angry badger!”
According to the Independent, the feisty badger has made itself at home in one of the popular cellar tunnels and despite castle staff trying to lure the creature out with cat food and honey, the bad tempered badger doesn’t want to move.

“If you’re heading to #CraignethanCastle over the next few days you might find the Cellar Tunnel closed due to the presence of a very angry badger,” the castle tweeted. “We’re trying to entice it out with cat food & send it home.”
Built in 1530 Craignethan is surrounded by woodland and castle staff believe the badger simply got lost.