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America Welcomes Back Vaccinated International Visitors



Source: Getty Images via iStock

After more than a year and a half of closed borders, some emotional reunions are expected to take place over the coming days as America finally reopens its doors to international travelers.

Beginning November 8, tourists from over thirty different countries will be allowed to travel to the United States, provided they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Air passengers must also show proof of a negative COVID test before boarding their plane.
Travel experts predict an influx of international visitors looking to reunite with family or take that much-longed-for vacation. According to the Associated Press, long lines began forming at the Canadian and Mexican borders well before daybreak and in the UK, rival airlines British Airways and Virgin Atlantic teamed up to commemorate the first US flights taking off from London’s Heathrow Airport.
So, which cities are going to be the most popular with foreign visitors? According to Bloomberg, the top booked destinations for November amongst international travelers are New York, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.