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American Express Travel Predicts Travel Boom in 2022



Source: iStock

After two years of travel being hindered due to the coronavirus pandemic, American Express says pent-up demand has resulted in a huge travel boom.

As part of its 2022 Global Travel Trends Report, American Express Travel noted that an astonishing 74 percent of respondents are looking to book a trip in 2022 and 62 percent are considering taking two to four trips this year.
“We’re really seeing it now,” American Express Travel president Audrey Hendley revealed in the report. “Customers are eager to book. They’re eager to travel again, and are booking trips with more purpose than ever before.”

According to American Express Travel’s findings, 72 percent of respondents are willing to spend more on domestic travel in 2022 compared to 2021, and 64 percent planning on spending more on international travel.

American Express Travel noted the top destinations for February 2022 were London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Consumers are also planning to take more family trips in 2022, with 81 percent of parents surveyed revealing the pandemic has changed how they think about planning travel with their children.

“Coming out of the pandemic we’ve seen a prioritization of values, and spending time with loved ones is at the top of the list,” Chris Gabaldon, Senior VP of Luxury Brands, Marriott International told American Express Travel. “The traditional family vacation has expanded to become multi-generational and includes extended families, as our guests want to reconnect and reengage.”