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How to Sleep on a Long-Haul Flight



Source: REX

Flying transatlantic can be exhausting, especially when you’re crammed into an economy seat! Small seats and no leg room, crying babies and armrest hugging passengers, they can all make a long-haul flight seem positively hellish. But there is hope to catch at least a few hours shut-eye when traveling internationally – if you follow these tips.
Choose Your Seat Wisely – avoid seats close to the lavatory areas on a plane. People typically congregate around these areas waiting to use the toilet. Same goes for the area where the stewards are loading up the drink carts. Pick a seat away from these areas for a better chance at some peace and quiet.
Get Cozy – planes can get cold, so before you lay your head back to try and catch some sleep make sure you have a blanket wrapped around your body and fluffy socks on your feet. Same goes for what you wear to travel – choose comfortable loungewear clothes when flying for a long period of time.
Use a Sleep Mask – sleep will come easier if you block out as much light as possible.
Cancel Out Noise – whether you choose to put on headphones and listen to a soothing sleep playlist, or pop in a pair of noise cancelling earplugs, you will want to try and block out as much airplane noise as possible.
Invest in a Good Travel Pillow – a good travel pillow can make a world of difference, especially ones designed to keep your head stationary so you avoid that jarring head roll we all seem to get when sleeping upright.

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Avoid the Booze – although it may seem a few drinks will help you sleep, alcohol can really dehydrate you when flying. Avoid the booze and stick to soothing herbal teas instead.