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State Department Issues Spring Break Warning for Popular Destinations



Source: Pinterest
The U.S. government has recently updated its travel advisories for The Bahamas and Jamaica, two popular spring break destinations. Travelers are urged to exercise caution when visiting these places in the coming months.
According to FOX5, the State Department has issued a Level 2 advisory for The Bahamas, meaning visitors should be vigilant due to high crime rates in the area.
For Jamaica, a Level 3 advisory, the second-highest advisory level, has been issued. This means that Americans should reconsider their travel plans due to limited medical services and high crime rates in the country.
“These crimes are actually occurring on the resorts, where people often felt safe,” travel expert Troy Petenbrink told FOX5. “I think we’re getting a little immune to some of these advisories sometimes because they are coming out pretty regularly now, but I think people really do need to take them seriously.”
Petenbrink told FOX5 he recommends would-be travelers do their research before booking, adding that it’s important to read the State Department’s travel advisories, which include quite a bit of detail and helpful advice.