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Why This Place May Just Be A Treasure Hunter’s Paradise



Source: Pinterest

If you fancy combining a vacation with the possibility of finding $2 million in hidden treasure you may want to head to the Rocky Mountains.
Millionaire Forrest Fenn says he hid a bronze treasure chest filled with gold and valuables somewhere in the Rockies back in 2010. The contents of the chest are said to be worth $2 million and Fenn has since provided numerous hints as to where the treasure is hidden in a poem, which contains nine clues. Fenn has also published two books about the treasure – The Thrill of the Chase and Too Far to Walk.
Thousands have trekked to Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado and Montana to try and locate the bronze chest. However, the quest for hidden treasure if fraught with danger. So far at least four treasure hunters have died trying to find the loot.
Authorities have urged Fenn to call off the treasure hunt, but the millionaire has declined. He has offered one piece of advice to treasure hunters though, telling them not to look anywhere that an 80-year-old couldn’t hide a heavy bronze chest.