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National Geographic Releases its Top Destinations for 2022

Source: Getty Images

With the travel industry finally opening up once again, pent-up tourists from around the globe are looking to take that much-longed bucket-list vacation. But where to go?

Fortunately, National Geopgraphic is back with its “Best of the World” top destination list and 2022’s ‘must see’ locations are spread out over five categories: nature, adventure, culture, sustainability, and family.

The 25 top picks from National Geographic focus on how the way travel has changed post-pandemic, with a focus on green travel, multigenerational trips, outdoor activities, and wildlife vacations.

“In many ways, the pandemic provided a moment for travelers and communities around the world to reflect and regroup on how we explore the world,” says George Stone, executive editor of National Geographic Travel, said in a statement reported by CNN.

“With this year’s list, Nat Geo takes a look at what’s different, new, and inspiring — from the new Seine River bike trail in France to Chimanimani National Park, a new national park in Mozambique that signals the country’s environmental commitment.”

According to National Geographic, these are the top destinations for 2022:

Best of the World: Nature

Lake Baikal, Russia
Victoria, Australia
Northern Minnesota

Best of the World: Adventure

Arapahoe Basin, Colorado
Seine River, France
New Brunswick, Canada
Costa Rica

Best of the World: Sustainability

Yasuni National Park, Ecuador
Chimanimani, Mozambique
Ruhr Valley, Germany
Columbia River Gorge, Oregon/Washington
Todz, Poland

Best of the World: Culture and History

Jingmai Mountain, China
Hokkaido, Japan
Procida Island, Italy
Atlanta, Georgia
Tin Pan Alley, London

Best of the World: Family

Lycia, Turkey
Grenada, Spain
Eastern Shore, Maryland
Danube River

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