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What to Pack for A Perfect Day at CocoCay

Source: Royal Caribbean

Taking a Royal Caribbean cruise that calls into Perfect Day at CocoCay, the cruise line’s private island in the Bahamas? Prepare to be dazzled. Not only is the island a tropical paradise, but it is also home to a scintillating water park, a massive pool with a swim-up bar, gorgeous beaches, and a top-notch kiddy water slide area for the younger members of your family.

The best part about spending the day at Cococay is that you don’t need to laden yourself down with a bunch of stuff. Having said that, there are a few must-haves you definitely need to bring to enjoy that Perfect Day on the idyllic island that is CocoCay!

A Beach Bag – Fortunately you don’t have to take a tender to get from your Royal Caribbean cruise ship to CocoCay, since the ship docks right at the island. However, there is a bit of a walk to get from the ship to all of the amenities (although Royal Caribbean does have trams running if you don’t want to walk) so having a big beach bag to house all your stuff is a must-have. We recommend purchasing one that has a zippered pocket inside to safely stash your phone, key card, etc.

Sunscreen – it is hot and sunny in the Bahamas and before you know it you could be burnt to a crisp. So make sure to stock up on some good – and waterproof – sunscreen prior to your cruise and remember to keep applying it throughout the day.

Sun Shirt and Sun Hat – there’s nothing worse than a painful sunburn to ruin your trip. Even though Cococay has a good amount of sun umbrellas surrounding the lounge chairs, if you are in and out of the pool or the sea a sun shirt provides an extra layer of protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Water Shoes – there’s a lot to explore on the island, so a good pair of water shoes is highly recommended especially if you are paying the extra money to go into the water park area or checking out the beach.

Towel Clips – remember to get as many towels as you think you will need from the pool area of the ship and bring them with you to CocoCay. Not only do towel clips help to hold towels in place on the lounge chairs but they also help you to spot your lounger easily.

Wipes – Perfect Day at CocoCay has restaurants and bars – and also ice-cream. For the little ones in our group that meant sticky hands and messy faces, so packing some wet ones, or wipes is a great idea.

Snorkel Kit – if you have your own snorkel kit you may want to pack it for the cruise. The beaches at CocoCay have some great snorkeling. Don’t have one? Not to worry, we saw snorkel kits available for purchase onboard our Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

What Not to Bring:

Cash – your Royal Caribbean room key card is also linked to your credit card, so no need to bring cash onto the island since anything you purchase on the island goes on the room key card.

Water – no need to bring bottles of water with you. There are drink stations set up outside of the food places on the island with various soft drinks and water for free.

Snacks – there are multiple places to eat, or grab a snack on the island, many of which are included in your cruise price.

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