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United’s 747 Farewell Flight Sells Out In Just 2 Hours!



Source: United

It looks like a lot of people love the 747 jumbo jet, so much so that tickets for United’s 747 farewell flight sold out within just two hours of the company’s announcement.
United will be retiring the infamous Boeing 747 from its fleet and travelers want just one last taste of flying aboard the iconic aircraft.

United’s 747 farewell flight will take place on November 7 when passengers will fly from San Francisco to Honolulu. United has purposefully left the upper deck seats free so that passengers can wander around the aircraft to take in one last glimpse.

United are even going one step further to saturate passengers with memories of days gone by. The crew will wear 70’s inspired uniforms and the menu will be full of food items from the same decade. It’s all part of an effort on behalf of United to recreate what their first ever 747 flight from San Francisco to Honolulu was like in 1970!