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TSA Reminds Travelers About Animals Going Through X-Ray Machines



Source: TSA

The TSA is reminding travelers about the proper protocols when flying with pets after a dog was accidentally left inside a carry-on and sent through the X-ray machine.

The small Dachshund Chihuahua mix pup was sent through the X-ray at Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin after its owner accidentally left it inside her carry-on backpack.
“After (the dog) was discovered by the X-ray operator, the officer explained the proper process to the passenger and confirmed she had disclosed she was traveling with the pet to the airline,” TSA spokesperson Jessica Mayle told USA Today. “After her bags were cleared, she proceeded to her gate.”

Mayle shared that the traveler was “unaware” of animal screening protocol and did not let the TSA officers know about the pet pooch.

As for the dog, Mayle told USA Today it was alright when it came out of the X-ray machine, just “a little skittish.”

According to the TSA, animals should never be put through an X-ray machine if traveling with a pet. Dogs and cats can either be screened separately in a private room or walk with the traveler through the metal detector on a leash.