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18-year-old Becomes Youngest American Woman to Climb Mount Everest



Source: Instagram

An 18-year-old Illinois woman has made history by becoming the youngest American female to ascend Mount Everest.

Lucy Westlake reached the summit of Mount Everest last week after a climb that took 26 days.
Not only did Westlake enter the history books for climbing to the summit of the 29,031.7 foot-tall mountain, but she also used the experience to highlight an issue near and dear to her heart – the world water crisis.

“I hope to inspire others to do the same because that’s how you figure out who you are. That’s how you discover yourself and discover more about the world is just seeing how far that your body and mind can go and so far, I mean, I made it to the top of Everest, so I think I’m doing pretty well so far,” Westlake told the TODAY show.

“It’s really just like pushing my limits,” Westlake added. “I just want to see how far my body and mind can go.”

This isn’t the first time the pioneering 18-year-old has broken records. Last year, Westlake became the youngest woman to summit the highest points in all 50 U.S. states.