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World’s Largest Wildlife Crossing Breaks Ground



Source: Living Habitats and World Wildlife Federation

The world’s largest wildlife crossing has broken ground in California and, once completed, will allow wild animals in Southern California to cross all ten lanes of Highway 101 in Los Angeles.

According to CNN, the $87 million Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing will allow animals, particularly Mountain Lions, to safely cross from the Santa Monica Mountains across the freeway via an overpass into the Simi Hills of the Santa Susana mountain range.
“We can protect California’s ecosystems without jeopardizing the transportation and other infrastructure development that we need for a growing population,” said US Sen. Alex Padilla at the project’s groundbreaking ceremony Friday in a statement reported by CNN.

CNN reports the crossing will blend in with the natural surroundings and feature local fauna and plants.

The project should be completed by 2025 and likely won’t be the only wildlife crossing in the state. According to CNN, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has promised $50 million for other similar projects.