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Study Finds Many Americans Have Not Taken a Vacation in Over Two Years



Source: Getty Images

A new survey has found that over one-third of Americans have not taken a vacation in over two years, with more than one-half of Americans revealing they haven’t vacationed in a year.

According to Travel Pulse, a new survey conducted by Allianz Global Assistance revealed Americans have a tough time finding the time and the money to go on vacation.

Allianz Global Assistance defines vacation as “a leisure trip of at least a week to a destination that is 100 miles or more from home.”

According to Travel Pulse, the survey revealed finances as being the top reason Americans find it hard to take a vacation, with 44 percent saying they just don’t have the money to spend on traveling for leisure.

Fourteen percent of those surveyed revealed they can’t take a vacation because they are unable to take the time off work and 12 percent said they can’t take a vacation because they don’t want to take the time off work.

Travel Pulse reports the survey found other factors keep Americans at home with 20 percent of those surveyed revealing they are uninterested or unable to leave home to go on vacation and 10 percent sharing it’s just too stressful and time-consuming to book a holiday.