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This is the Most Haunted Road in America



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Buckle up, ghost hunters! Insider has just revealed the most haunted roads in America and passengers will be in for an eerily bumpy ride this Halloween.

Insider teamed up with to come up with a list of the most haunted roads in the United States, said to be plagued by ghosts and paranormal activity.

Of course, behind every haunted road is an equally chilling mysterious story.

Boy Scout Lane – Stevens Point, Wisconsin
According to Insider, urban legend has spinned numerous stories about boy scouts being murdered by their scoutmaster, or bus driver. Others say the scouts met their deaths due to a fiery bus crash. Either way travelers along the road say they have witnessed ghostly lanterns, shadows, and small handprints on the trees.

Annie’s Road/Riverview Drive – Totowa, New Jersey
Insider reveals Riverview Drive is named Annie’s Rd, after Annie – who legend has it was hit by a truck and killed on her prom night in the 1960s. Reports of screams, mysterious fog and experiencing interference on cell phones and cameras have all been reported. Eerily enough the road backs up to a cemetery.

Route 2-A – Aroostook County, Maine
According to Insider, Route 2-A is a particularly treacherous road, thanks to its many curves which become dangerously covered in snow and ice during the winter. Adding to the danger are reports of truckers seeing the ghost of a young girl on the side of the road. Other motorists have witnessed a woman begging passersby to help her husband, only to eerily disappear when approached.

Route 44- Rehoboth, Massachusetts
A redheaded man, dressed in a flannel shirt and jeans has been spotted along this road, with drivers revealing the man seems to be smiling eerily. According to Insider, the apparition is so lifelike, one driver pulled over to pick him up only to have the man fade out of the backseat. Creepy.

Archer Avenue – Chicago, Illinois
According to Insider, Archer Avenue is haunted by a woman known as “Resurrection Mary.” Legend has it Mary was a young woman who stormed out of a dance after getting into a fight with her boyfriend, only to be hit by a car and killed along the same stretch of road she now haunts.

Shades of Death Road – Warren County, New Jersey
Another New Jersey road makes the list of the ten most haunted roads in America with the aptly named Shades of Death Road in Warren County. According to Insider, the street gets its name from a series of grisly murders in the 1920s and ’30s.

Kelly Road – Ohioville, Pennsylvania
Also known as “Mystery Mile” Kelly Road is said to be haunted by a couple who died on the road after their carriage flipped over. Drivers on the road say they have heard the sounds of a carriage crashing and cries for help.

Dead Man’s Curve – Clermont County, Ohio
Not only is Dead Man’s Curve named for a dangerously scary sharp turn along the road, but it is also named for a hitchhiker who died in a crash at the intersection of Route 222 and Route 125 in the 1960s. The faceless hitchhiker is said to haunt the road in the early hours of the morning.

Clinton Road – West Milford, New Jersey
Insider reveals local folklore claims “The Ghost Boy of Clinton Road” will return coins people throw into the creek. Visitors even say they have seen the boy’s reflection in the creek waters. Adding to the spookiness of the road are tales of alien activity and Satanic cult activities.

Riverdale Road – between Thornton and Brighton, Colorado
Along the 11 miles spanning Riverdale Road between Thornton and Brighton in Colorado, several urban myths and legends tell of mysterious happening and spooky experiences. One such tale features a section of the road known as “Jogger’s Hill” where a ghostly jogger bangs on cars and leaves handprints on the windows.