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The Most Ridiculous Airport Fails



The Most Ridiculous Airport Fails

There’s no doubt you see some interesting characters in the airport. It’s probably the best place to people watch because, let’s face it, the airport is like a World’s Weirdest convention. No reason to take a drive to enjoy the hilarity because we compiled the most ridiculous airport fails for you.

When Everyone Gets The Memo

These Stormtroopers lined up outside the Denver International Airport to pick up their boss. How could this be at all embarrassing for the company?

Dragging the Kids Along

Roll, roll, roll your kid gently to your seat. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, just leave the kid asleep. No, but secretly — this is genius.

Appetizing Baggage

Some people have come up with some pretty clever ways to distinguish their luggage from others, but wrapping your bags up like sushi is a great interpretation of a revolving sushi bar.

Bad Santa

During the holiday season you’re bound to see some festive travelers, but when you see TSA escorting Santa away for a private search, you can only wonder, who was the real naughty boy this year?

Sending the Wrong Message

Turkish Airlines, like many companies, use airports as a prime source of advertising. But one thing you’d probably never want to do is display your plane going down for all to see. Let’s just assume the executives will think this decision through more thoroughly next time.

Overstuffed Luggage

Major fail alert! We know $35 for carry-on is cheaper than actually booking a flight but, come on! This guy squeezed into luggage but was discovered after a baggage handler couldn’t lift the bag.

Workers Need Rest Too

Some of the hardest working people at airports are the workers who are responsible for loading and unloading your luggage on the plane. Being outside and lifting all day surely takes a toll on your energy, so this particular ground crew member decided to take a rest break on the tarmac.


Known for their foul odor, durians are not necessarily common in the western world. But in saying this, you probably don’t want to bring this fruit on a plane, as it could land you with a pretty hefty fine.

Jenny with the Good Hair

This fail is on TSA. Academy Award-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson had to get her weave searched for contraband. From the look on J. Hud’s face she looks to be taking it rather well.

Baby On Board

Ma’am, would you like me to check your baby? I’m sorry, but I can’t help but believe this isn’t the first time that baby has been in this kind of situation. It is better than the floor though.

Escalator Planking

Just when you thought the planking phase was over. Fail for originality.

No Beer Left Behind

Sometimes you just really want to take things home with you, and there was no way this guy was leaving without his brew. A man reportedly paid $30 to have a beer checked in under the plane, so I hope cracking it open was well worth it.

Finding Your Comfort Zone

Everyone knows that finding a good spot to take a load off is tough enough as it is, and most times the best seats are already taken. In that case, make the most of your resources and creatively position yourself for the best-possible napping experience.

Just a Little Leak

For the amount of productivity that’s going on in any given airport on a single day, you would think that the managing staffs could take care of a simple leak. However, the best La Guardia could do on this day was run a hose into a bucket through a cone. Not too efficient, to say the least.

The Ultimate Germaphobe

Planes are a really common place to pick up germs, but during the Ebola scare a few years back, passengers began taking extra precaution. No one more than this lady though, who basically assembled herself in a homemade Hazmat suit.

Coming Through

With all the small vehicles driving around the concourses throughout the day, you’d think crashes like this one would happen more often. Although it’s unlikely the cart took much of a beating, that’s a lot of broken glass on the floor.

Questionable Sign Choice

It’s always nice to have a friend or family member greet you in the arrivals terminal with a nice sign, but there’s definitely a line you can cross. This woman thought it’d be nice to congratulate someone for completing rehab, which was probably not the best idea. “Hugs not drugs.”

Whatever Works At This Point

Not completely sure, but I’m almost certain this woman is actually an ostrich. I guess when you’re tired, any place or position is good enough.

Find Your Happy Place

Layovers can be exhausting but if you’re a frequent-flyer you know the rule: Please keep the walkway clear at all times!

Customized Carry-On

Obviously someone had some issues with missing luggage in the past. I’m pretty sure no one is grabbing this one, buddy. Could you at least smile next time?

Dad Life

Traveling as a parent with young children takes a lot of energy, so sometimes when there’s a long layover, it’s hard not to want to nap. But when you pass out and leave your child unattended, the fear isn’t always that they’ll disappear, sometime it’s that they’ll cover you in stickers.

Bad Hair Day

As a Hollywood actress, surely you’re attempting to stay glamorous while remaining comfortable during your flying experience, but let’s just say that walking in front of a plane’s jets will undo any good hair day you might have been having. Case in point, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Stand Clear of the Jets

Didn’t we just tell you to not do things directly in front of a plane’s jets? This Delta Airlines crew clearly didn’t follow protocol, as they seemingly allowed one of their precious storage containers to get sucked up into their plane’s engine. Here’s to hoping this wasn’t the food for the passengers…

 Swag Surfing?

If you’re in the mood to catch some 1-mph wind rather than waves, you can be like actress Michelle Rodriguez and surf the baggage carousel.

Making a Case for More Space

Personal space has been a recurring issue passengers have faced for years now, but airlines haven’t seemed to take notice. This poor guy had to accommodate himself because the airline could not. Who votes for larger spaces for us flyers?

Rolling Luggage

If you’re being scooped up from the airport, it’s important to have a big enough ride that can accommodate all of your luggage. However, if you’re just carrying one bag that has wheels, this works too, I suppose… Probably wouldn’t recommend driving behind these two, though.

The Dressed Turkey

This guy seems to be in a festive mood, but dressing up as a turkey is likely going to draw a lot of unnecessary attention your way. Lucky for him, he seems to be in a pleasant mood, and his outfit probably cheered up a decent amount of weary travelers.

Now Boarding: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Upon checking your flight status, you can always see some interesting navigations that will be taking place during the day. But this particular trip to Tatooine likely caught a lot of people’s eye, especially considering the gate is R2-D2.

Can You Lend a Hand?

Talk about strength training! This guy is enjoying a book while fully supporting his friend. Color us as impressed as the guy in the background.

Anywhere is Fine

Not sure whether to blame it on the ice or the alcohol. Mr. Pilot, I don’t think that is how you park a plane.

The Pink Panther

There are all sorts of questionable fashion decisions taking place in airports, but this guy will certainly catch your eye. Fully draped in pink from head to toe, it’s debatable which accessory is the best — the cowboy hat, the rain boots, the giant handbag — they’re all very extra.

 Shipping Yourself Off

A woman in Germany thought it’d be a great idea to check herself in. Literally in her own bag. We’re assuming that airport security was not having it, but who’s to say she wasn’t comfortable with it? Just kidding, there’s no way this could be a pleasant experience.

Cruisin’ Along

The new motorized suitcases that can be driven like a scooter are all the rave, but there’s probably a time and place to hop on… Let’s just say that cruising around the baggage carousel is probably not the smartest idea.

Not Your Average Ground Crew

Now this may not happen in many places other than Alaska, but having a Polar Bear guide you into the gate doesn’t quite seem like the best idea — for you, the ground crew, and especially not the poor bear.

Emotional Support Turkey

You’ve heard of people flying with pets registered for emotional support, but those tend to be dogs or bunnies, not turkeys. This woman flies all the time with her turkey for comfort, which I’m sure is a sight to see for passengers going through security.

The Human Bicycle?

Sometimes there’s no explaining people’s actions during their layovers, but to be messing around on the moving walkways seems a little risqué. This quad of friends seems to be working on their best team motorcycle interpretation.

Hold the Affection

Apparently this airport was having some issues with overzealous reunions. You’d think that people could keep it short and head on their way home, but three minutes? Sheesh, no wonder airport traffic is so bad at times.

Hardly Working

Sometimes you’re standing in lines at the airport and you wonder, what on Earth is taking so long? Well, occasionally the case may be that the employees are a little off-task, like this customs officer who would rather play solitaire than do his job.

Stay Loose

There’s a lot of sitting and waiting going on while traveling through airports, so it’s always important to take some time to stretch. Let’s just make sure we’re being safe while doing it.

Massive Check-In

How many times have you been at the baggage claim, only to see some peculiar objects pop out? Well this one might take the cake, as an apparent Easter Island head makes its way around the conveyor belt. We can imagine that wasn’t cheap to bring home.