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Jamaica Lifting Quarantine Requirement

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Visitors to Jamaica can now begin enjoying their vacation immediately after touchdown with the island nation lifting its quarantine rule – but only if you’re vaccinated.

According to Caribbean National Weekly, fully vaccinated tourists will need to provide proof of a negative PCR test in order to bypass the quarantine regulations. The test must be taken within three days prior to arrival in Jamaica.

Non-vaccinated tourists will also need to show proof of a negative COVID test and must quarantine for 14 days once they have arrived in Jamaica.

“I know this will be very useful to the non-all-inclusive tourism sector, for business travelers and so forth. We are cautiously trying to take down the shield and the barriers that have kept us safe, but at the same time, have been very restrictive to people’s livelihoods,” Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced.

“The Government continues to act in the best interest to preserve lives and livelihoods as best as possible. We are being very cautious in reopening. Just to be clear, we are not going to shut down again,” Holness said while urging Jamaican residents to get vaccinated. “…we will face the brave new COVID world where it is your responsibility to maintain social distance, sanitise, do your own surveillance and find a way.”

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