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Six Flags Making Parks More Accessible for Special Needs Guests



Source: Six Flags

Six Flags has announced plans to make its parks more accessible for special-needs guests.

In a press release, Six Flags detailed some of the new initiatives that will be implemented to help make their parks more inclusive, including a special “restraint harness” on thrill rides for guests with physical disabilities.

Six Flags also announced that all its theme parks are now accredited as Certifed Autism Centers in partnership with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.

“Six Flags is proud to be the industry leader on these innovative programs that allows our guests to enjoy the more thrilling rides that our parks have to offer,” Selim Bassoul, Six Flags President and CEO, said in a statement reported by People.

“This offering, coupled with the IBCCES certification at our parks, shows our unwavering commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion,” Bassoul added. “Our company is truly dedicated to this initiative and making sure that encompasses our guests with abilities and disabilities.”