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Rio de Janeiro Hit by Dengue Fever Outbreak Ahead of Carnaval



Source: AFP via Getty Images
As travelers descend upon Rio de Janeiro for one of the world’s biggest parties, another more unwelcome visitor is also hitting the Brazilian city.
According to USA Today, people traveling to attend Carnaval are being warned about a surge in Dengue Fever cases around the country, and public health officials in Rio have declared a public health emergency due to the outbreak.
“In a single month of 2024, we already have almost half the cases of the entire previous year, which generated intense concern,” Rio’s Municipal Health Secretary Daniel Soranz said in a statement reported by CNN Brazil.
Dengue Fever is primarily spread through mosquito bites and this year’s outbreak is due to the country’s hot tropical climate and elevated rainfall due to El Niño.
According to USA Today, most people who contract dengue don’t have any symptoms, but some can experience high fever, headache, nausea, body aches and rash. Typically, people can feel better in about one to two weeks. In severe cases, they need to be hospitalized. With no cure for dengue, treatment is just minimizing any pain symptoms.
The CDC says the best way to avoid Dengue Fever is to avoid mosquito bites with an Environmental Protection Agency-registered insect repellent like DEET or Picaridin and be up to date on their vaccines. Travelers should also pack acetaminophen to help manage fevers or body aches if they get dengue.