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CDC Announces Ebola Travel Restrictions



Source: Reuters

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has announced new travel restrictions to prevent ebola from entering the country.

According to USA Today, passengers arriving from two African countries will be funneled through six select U.S. airports – similar to the COVID measures put in place for international arrivals coming from China and Europe.

Passengers arriving from Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo will be affected by the new travel restrictions.

“Beginning next week, the U.S. government will funnel travelers from DRC and Guinea to six U.S. airports,” the CDC announced. “Airlines will collect and transmit passenger information to CDC for public health follow-up and intervention for all passengers boarding a flight to the U.S. who were in DRC or Guinea within the previous 21 days.”
“The outbreaks are centered in remote areas of these countries,” the CDC noted in a statement reported by USA Today. “The risk of Ebola to the United States is extremely low. The Biden Administration is committed to working closely with the affected countries to end these outbreaks before they grow into epidemics.”

According to USA Today, Guinea reported its first new cases since 2016 last month.