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Lonely Planet Announces the Best Countries to Travel to in 2024



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Need help figuring out where to vacation in 2024? Looking for somewhere a little different and out of the ordinary? Fortunately, Lonely Planet has released its annual “Best in Travel” guide to help you out.
In celebration of Lonely Planet’s 50th anniversary, the travel guide company has chosen 50 travel destinations for 2024, with Mongolia topping the list!
“For seekers of wide-open spaces, adventures and culture, Mongolia has much to offer,” Lonely Planet says of its number one pick. “The capital is teeming with people and unique attractions. Squeezed between Russia and China, Mongolia seems hard to reach given recent geopolitical events in its two large neighbors. But Mongolia’s doors are open and a tourism campaign has eased visa restrictions through 2025.”
According to Lonely Planet, these are the top ten countries to visit in 2024:
1. Mongolia 2. India 3. St. Lucia 4. Mexico 5. Morocco 6. Chile 7. Benin 8. Uzbekistan 9. Pakistan 10. Croatia
And if value for money is top of your list when picking a travel destination, Lonely Planet has compiled a list of the top ten value-for-money travel choices for 2024:
1. Poland 2. The Midwest, USA 3. Nicaragua 4. Danube Limes, Bulgaria 5. Normandy, France 6. Egypt 7. Ikaria, Greece 8. Algeria 9. Southern Lakes & Central Otago, New Zealand 10. Night Trains, Europe