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Prince Charles Refuses to Travel Without These Two Things



Source: AP

When you are next in line to the British throne you get to be a bit demanding when it comes to travel, but Britain’s Prince Charles’ requirements are one we could all get on board with, if the rumors are true!
According to The Daily Mail, investigative journalist Tom Bower reveals Prince Charles has a few special demands when traveling, including bringing his own toilet seat and a premixed martini.

“If the prince had to attend a function, the policeman would arrive with a flask containing a pre-mixed martini,” Bower claims. “This would then be handed over to the host’s butler along with a special glass that Charles insisted on using.”
Bower also claims Prince Charles has his aides pack up a toilet seat and a roll of his preferred toilet paper whenever traveling, but according to fellow Daily Mail writer Rachel Johnson, this is all gossip-fodder.

“The toilet seat story has been following him around for years,” Johnson maintains, adding the toilet seat was a joke present from Charles’ sister, Princess Anne.