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Learn a New Language With This Awesome Deal from Rosetta Stone



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Although we may not be traveling internationally right now, it doesn’t mean we can’t spend these coronavirus pandemic days brushing up on our foreign language skills.

Thanks to an awesome deal from Rosetta Stone, you can purchase a lifetime membership for $100 off the normal price so that when we do start traveling again you can converse with confidence and ease!
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"This crisis has made it clear that it doesn’t matter where we live, what language we speak, how we pray, whether we are rich or poor: we are all in this together. This unique moment offers an opportunity for us all to connect through shared experiences, commiserate over daily struggles, and reflect on our common humanity." Nathalia Ramos (@nathaliaramos) and some of her closest friends demonstrate how we're not alone during this global #isolation and share some of their personal successes and failures while #quarantining [link in bio]. 🌏 🌍 🌎 . . . #nathaliaramos #covid #coronavirus #quarantine #languages #global #worldwide #notalone #language #selfisolating #stayhome #staysafe #rosettastone #learnlanguages

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Normally a lifetime membership to Rosetta Stone costs $299, but for a limited time only you can purchase a membership for just $199.

The lifetime subscription comes with access to the 24 different languages Rosetta Stone offers (including French, Spanish, Russian, Korean and Mandarin), VPN unlimited and the 12min Micro Book App.

According to PC Mag, “Rosetta Stone teaches languages in an easy-to-understand, methodical way designed to get you up to speed quickly. If you are having trouble with a particular lesson, you can repeat the course as many times as you’d like for no additional charge. You can also take a break and come back to a lesson later to give you time to digest what you’ve already learned. In short, this lets you learn at your own pace without the added stress of in-person classes.”

The special runs through September 2, 2020.