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Booze Now Allowed on Atlantic City Boardwalk to Help Boost Tourism



Source: Pinterest

Atlantic City is hoping to attract more business and tourism to their famous Boardwalk by allowing the public consumption of alcohol – if purchased from a city business.

According to People, Mayor Marty Small issued an executive order allowing public drinking on the Boardwalk and a few other areas of the city after businesses have suffered financial losses due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re trying to bring our economy back,” Mayor Small said in a statement livestreamed on Facebook, adding he hopes the measure will “help our bars and restaurants.”
“Having the ability to sell drinks to go is definitely helpful because: Who’s in the bars now? No one,” Pat Fasano, who owns a restaurant on the Boardwalk, told the AP. “You go from 100 to zero during the pandemic.”

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Mayor’s order allows alcohol bought from businesses in the authorized zones and labeled as such.

The executive order is expected to expire in November, or whenever coronavirus-related occupancy restrictions are lifted, People reports.